Oct. 31, 2019: BrandonClayLifestyle.com - 24 Hours In Indianapolis

I spent the past 24 hours in Indianapolis spreading the BrandonClayLifestyle.com movement. I had a chance to spend time watching some of the talent in the city including Sydney Parrish, Ashlynn Shade and Ari Wiggins. Class of 2021 forward Meg Newman (pictured above) is one of the best up-and-coming ball players in the country. We talked about what it means to truly attack greatness in every aspect: consistency in skill development, physical recovery and sleep. This was the third time in eight weeks that Meg and I have had the chance to link up and work on her game. Nothing great happens overnight. Trusting your personal process is paramount. Even the greats still have a team of people designed to help them keep leveling up. Click for a FANTASTIC article on LeBron James from the 2015 NBA Playoffs